The Old Siam, Authentic Thai Cuisine


1.  POR PEIR SOD (Fresh Rolls)  vegetables, shrimp or Tofu wrapped in rice paper                                              $3

2.  POR PIA TOD (Egg Rolls)  chicken, cabbage, bean noodle wrapped in egg rool skin and deep fried                   $4.95

3.  KA NOM JEEB  steamed seasoned ground pork wontons served with vinegar soy sauce                                   $7.59

4.  TAU HU TOD  deep fried tofu served with ground peanut in spicy sweet and sour sauce                                    $7.59

5.  PUK TOAD  (Vegetable Tempura)  carrot, onions, potato, broccoli, pumpkin with batter and deep fried                $10.59

6.  TOD MUN PLA (Fish Cake) deep fired fish cakes served with cucumber salad                                                    $10.59

7.  KAI SATAY (Chicken Satay) grilled marinated chicken served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad                    $10.59

8.  GOONG HOM PAR  shrimp and ground chicken wrapped with rice paper and deep fried                                     $10.59

9.  APPETIZER COMBO  Fresh roll, Egg rolls, Ka nom jeeb, Fish cake and deep fried Tofu                                      $16.95