The Old Siam, Authentic Thai Cuisine


51.  CURRY PUFF   Deep fried puff pastry filled with curried potatoes, onion and sweet potato                 $8.95

52.  MOO YANG   Thai style BBQ pork                                                                                                $11.95

53.  KAI NGA  Deep fried chicken nugget mixed with sweet&sour sauce                                                  $11.95

54.  KAI YANG  Griled chicken marinated with herbs served with sweet sauce                                           $11.95

55.  RAMA CHICKEN   Steamed spinach and chicken topped with peanut sauce                                        $11.95

56.  LARB PLA  Deep fried fillet tilapia fish mixed with lime, rice powder, onion, mint and cilantro                 $14.95        

57.  PLA SAM ROAD  Deep fired whole or fillet tilapia fish topped with spicy sweet and and sour sauce         $16.95

58.  PLA LAD PRIK   Deep fried whole or fillet tilapia fish topped with spice garlic sauce                              $16.95

59.  PLA TOD PANANG   Deep fried whole or fillet tilapia fish topped with panang sauce                              $16.95